The Power of Partnership

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The Power of Partnership

The Power of Partnership

It starts with a great idea. A unique biological insight or a new approach to care that can be the foundation of a transformative product or solution. But typically a great idea requires help from collaborators with complimentary expertise and resources to nurture and advance that idea to the next stages of development.

When we launched Johnson & Johnson Innovation – with teams in California, Boston, London and Asia Pacific – our aim was to contribute to the robust regional innovation ecosystems around the world and to support entrepreneurs and scientists with expertise in medical technologies, consumer healthcare technologies and therapeutics.

The Innovation Centers bring together – in one place – scientific, financial, business development, legal, company incubation and other resources from across our company. These teams provide a high degree of customization in structuring deals by combining a range of investment and collaboration options. We also provide the support and resources – from access to our facilities to mentorship and network relationships – that are critical to the success of new ideas.

Here are some alliances we formed in 2014 through Johnson & Johnson Innovation that we think have the potential to lead to important new healthcare breakthroughs:

  • Tapping the Microbiome to Address Disease. Home to a diverse population of bacteria working together to keep us healthy, our bodies are host to 100 trillion microbes, outnumbering the number of human cells in our bodies 10 to one. Collectively called the human microbiome, these complex groups of microorganisms live on all parts of our body from our mouth, to our skin, and gut with the largest most diverse and intricate community inside the gastrointestinal tract. We are paving the way for the development of new potential therapies and consumer products that utilize the power of the microbiome. Read more here.
  • Advancing Novel Compounds for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). As part of our immunology and rheumatology therapeutic focus areas and continued commitment to advance new treatments for RA, we have entered into a collaboration with drug development company, Modern Biosciences PLC (MBS) to advance the development of a novel series of small, orally administered compounds for the treatment of RA. Read more here.
  • Transforming Cancer Treatment with “Liquid Biopsy”. Technological advances with the potential to support more informed clinical decisions are important in the clinical management of diseases like cancer and help pave the way for a more personalized approach to care. Through Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC Inc., we helped launch Inivata – a company focused on innovative “liquid biopsy” technology aimed at improving the testing and treatment of solid tumours. Read more here.
  • Sensing Sedation Levels – As part of a collaboration between BrainStem Biometrics and Ethicon-Endo-Surgery we will explore the use of of BrainStem Biometrics’ Tremor Monitor Unit, a small, non-invasive medical device biosensor that is used to detect minute eye movements in patients undergoing anaesthesia. As a likely marker of basic brainstem function, this technology has the potential to distinguish between safe and unsafe levels of sedation for patients around the world.
  • Improving Outcomes with 3D Printed Bone Implants. Large bone replacement is sometimes required for patients who have undergone major trauma or due to disease. Metal implants are the current standard of care, but have poor outcomes in many cases. We are exploring the development of customized implants using 3D printed scaffolds that generate new bone. This has the potential to improve patient outcomes. Learn more here.
  • Targeting Alzheimer’s Disease. Johnson & Johnson Innovation and Evotec AG continue to collaborate to develop new drugs for Alzheimer’s disease by through Evotec’s proprietary TargetAD Database of genes that are dysregulated in Alzheimer’s disease. The goal is to gain insights on the molecular underpinnings of the disease to identify new opportunities for drug discovery and development. Read more about this program here, and here.
  • Exploring Immunotherapy. We continue to explore immunotherapy as an approach for prostate cancer treatment through a number of different therapeutic modalities. Delivering the best therapies starts with leveraging our own internal immune-oncology assets in concert with external collaboration, such as one with Aduro Biotech, Inc. to identify product candidates based on their novel LADD immunotherapy platform. Learn more here.
  • Harnessing the Power of Plants to Improve Skincare. Plants are known to be a source of thousands of natural applications. As part of a research agreement with Unhwa Corporation in Korea, we are developing customized compounds derived from plant stem cells that will be evaluated for a variety of consumer applications, including new skincare products.

We also continue to support innovators through our no strings attached incubator network, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS. Last year we announced our expansion into Houston, Texas in partnership with the Texas Medical Center and welcomed our first residents to the newest JLABS site in South San Francisco, California called JLABS @South San Francisco. Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS is currently home to over 70 independent healthcare companies across North America working to translate their technologies into solutions for patients. Read more about JLABS here.

We know that a great idea can come from anywhere and that is why we are collaborating with innovators and entrepreneurs everywhere. There are significant healthcare challenges that need to be addressed and working in partnerships with the best minds around the world we know can meet these challenges…together.

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