Our Safety and Care Commitment

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Our Safety and Care Commitment

Our Safety and Care Commitment

In early 2014, we announced that we completed the first phase of our commitment to reformulate all of our baby products, everywhere around the world. And we’re well on our way to meeting our stated 2015 goals for all our remaining baby and beauty care products by the end of the year.

When we started our journey in 2011, we did so with a singular goal in mind; to continue to earn the trust you’ve placed in Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies. As science advances and your preferences change, we’ll continue to listen and meet your expectations by talking with consumers like you, healthcare professionals and consumer advocacy groups to gain their insights and opinions.

At Johnson & Johnson, we don’t compromise on safety in the name of expediency, which is why our commitment to reformulate is still on-going. As part of our informed-substitution approach, we assess all ingredient alternatives to ensure that the alternatives we do choose are safe for use and environmentally sound. Any alternative ingredient must meet our safety assurance process – which includes provisions for sourcing the right ingredients, assessing safety, sustained shelf-life performance and suitability for the skin.

We also want to be more about what’s good in our product, not just what we’ve taken out. We want to share with you why certain ingredients are used and the role they play in a particular product. We will continue to educate and learn from other experts on emerging science and see to it that our products reflect that.

Our Safety & Care Commitment means that our products are supported by science, recommended by healthcare professionals, and trusted by people around the world. You have our commitment that every beauty and baby care product from the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies is safe and effective when used as directed.

We’ve held ourselves to the very highest standards for more than one hundred years. And today, these standards are embodied in our five-level safety assurance process, which is guided by leading science and medical experts from around the globe.

Keeping Our Safety & Care Commitment is the most important thing we can do to continue earning your trust. We’re always listening to you so that we can improve our products and you can have complete peace of mind whenever you bring them into your home.