Inspiring Teens Around the World

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Inspiring Teens Around the World

Inspiring Teens Around the World

When the U.S. CLEAN & CLEAR® team studied teen girls and their social media usage, they discovered a revealing fact: 75 percent of girls want to be seen but are afraid of being judged.

“The SEE THE REAL ME™ campaign was born from this unique insight,” said Alexandra Garvey, Social Media Manager for CLEAN & CLEAR® in the U.S. “We want to champion teen girls being their 'real' selves on the CLEAN & CLEAR® brand channels. In doing so, we hope that this peer to peer dialogue will inspire other girls to be confident in who they truly are.”

The brand’s YouTube channel is updated once a week with a mix of new content that integrates the brand and its story in topics relevant to teen girls. There are also inspiring stories from real girls like Emma, who doesn’t let a less than “typical” ballerina body type stop her from pursuing her dreams.

Following the success of the campaign in the U.S., markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific tailored it to local needs to ensure that it resonated with girls from diverse cultures.

As in the U.S., markets cast local girls in YouTube videos in which they answer questions about themselves. The questions, however, aren’t exactly the same as those that their American peers answered. One YouTube video for the U.S. market, for instance, asks girls what they see when they look in the mirror. The U.K. and Middle East teams dropped the mirror reference because they thought girls in their markets would feel like they were boasting about their appearance.

“This campaign gives us the opportunity to deepen our relationship with teens around the world. We can now be a brand that doesn’t just solve her skin care needs, but actually champions her courage,” said Sameer Agarwal, Marketing Director for CLEAN & CLEAR® in the Global Franchise Organization. “The key to doing this effectively is to deeply understand the local nuances of the consumer, so we can bring the idea to life in the most locally relevant way. The whole CLEAN & CLEAR® team, around the world, has worked hard to embrace that mindset. This has led to improved trends in Indonesia and the US, record share in India, and outstanding growth in the Middle East!”