Bridging the Miles

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Bridging the Miles

In today’s world of 24/7 connectivity, communicating with family might seem effortless - but not for grandparents who aren’t digitally savvy.

To help bridge the miles between families, the Consumer team in the MENAP (Middle East North Africa Pakistan) Region has developed the JOHNSON’S® Baby Grandparents Frame and App. The iOS and Android app connects to a digitally enabled Wi-Fi frame located in the grandparent’s home. Once a grandchild’s picture has been taken in a distant location, it can be instantly sent to appear in the frame, allowing grandparents to enjoy special family moments in real time.

Promotion has centered on the brand’s poignant YouTube video featuring real grandparents sharing their unscripted, emotional perspectives on dealing with the separation of their families.

“We raise them to be independent and start their own families, but when they do, it’s hard to let go,” one grandmother says. “Nothing is harder than being away from family. Nothing,” notes another grandmother.

“JOHNSON'S® Baby has been helping families create special moments for more than 125 years,” says Manjot Riyait, Brand Manager, Baby Care, Middle East. “But as younger generations move away, it’s harder to share these moments,” she says. “This app creates a simple, vibrant window to grandchildren’s lives, so grandparents can constantly stay in touch.”