Back on His Feet

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Back on His Feet

Back on His Feet

India leads the world in traffic fatalities with an alarming 15 deaths reported every hour, according to the World Health Organization.

In 2009, 57-year-old Radha Kishan almost became one of those statistics. The retired army officer was driving his motorbike through the Firozabad district in East India on the way to work when he was hit by a truck. Radha was seriously injured and taken to the hospital where surgeons diagnosed him with a severe bone fracture his femur – his right thigh just above the knee.

Two surgeries and five years later, Radha’s leg fracture was still not healing. He went from having an active life to one where he had become bedridden. Amputation appeared to be the only option. “I was told there was nothing else they could do for me. I was distraught and depressed,” Radha says. “Five years is a very long time to suffer.”

In early 2014, Radha’s village physician referred him to Dr. V.P. Singh in Agra, India, an orthopaedic surgeon well known for his interest in cutting-edge technologies. After examining him, Dr. Singh thought Radha would be the ideal patient candidate for surgery with the DePuy Synthes Reamer/Irrigator/Aspirator (RIA) System to help save Radha’s leg – the first time the system would be used in East India. “This was the first time in a very long time that I felt hopeful and confident, both about the surgery and my own possibility of recovery,” said Radha.

The RIA System uses a rotating instrument that bores a tunnel through the center of a long bone such as a femur, while simultaneously injecting water and “vacuuming” out bone marrow and small pieces of bone. The material is then reintroduced to the body during surgery as transplanted tissue which has exceptional potential to regrow bone and promote healing. In Radha’s four-hour surgery, Dr. Singh used the RIA System to take tissue from inside his bone cavity to fill a void created at the fracture site. The RIA System is available for use in nearly 50 markets around the world.

Radha’s surgery was a success. “Going into the surgery, I was very confident in Radha’s chances for recovery,” Dr. Singh said. “I was pleased with the quality of the instruments during the surgical procedure and was even more pleased with Radha’s surgical outcomes.”

After 10 days of recovery, Radha was discharged from the hospital and underwent physical therapy and exercise. Within three months, he was able to walk again, returning to the active life he enjoyed before his devastating accident. Now, Radha is back to enjoying his morning and afternoon walks with his family. “My life changed when I met Dr. Singh,” Radha says. “He gave me hope – and he gave me back the opportunity to live a normal life.”